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Welcome to the Trucker Access System for

Washington United Terminals (WUT) 

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While at the gate pedestals, if a driver prefers to use a handset that can be cleaned before use, please use the trouble room where wipes are provided.


Empty Returns will be accepted on dual transactions. Appointments need to be scheduled through eModal. Please refer to the empty return matrix for empties that are being accepted -


 In light of recent improvements in terminal fluidity and a reduction in congestion at WUT, effective May 25, 2022, WUT is suspending imposition of the long stay rehandling fee due on containers with extended dwell. The fee may be reinstituted at a future date if operational conditions deteriorate.

 ALL chassis, including long term leased chassis, need to be DOT worthy when arriving the terminal. 

Roadability Rules:

All chassis, except for those owned by an independent truck driver or owned by an independent non PMA affiliated trucking company and identified as such, shall go through roadability. Chassis leased long term and requiring maintenance by an independent truck driver or an independent (i.e. non PMA affiliated) trucking company and identified and proven as such, may have repairs performed by ILWU mechanics or the container shall be removed and the chassis will be permitted to exit the facility. For containers that are removed, flip charges will apply. (For repair rates, please refer to this link:

The 8 points of the inspection are:

  • General overall condition
  • Tires
  • Lights
  • FHWA (current)
  • Suspension
  • Landing Gear
  • Air System
  • Brakes
  • We will need the following to release the long term leased chassis that does not pass the above criteria:

    • Statement (or lease document) listing leased chassis
    • Proof of responsibility of maintenance
    • Party must not be PMA affiliated

    If you have chassis that have been on terminal, please reach out to us at to make arrangements to have the chassis picked up.

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Welcome to the Trucker Access System for WUT

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